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Timber Alternative UPVC Windows and Doors- What are your options?

There's no denying that Timber Windows and Doors look and feel fantastic, and there is a reason why they were so heavily used on a variety of projects historically. If the products were well maintained, there there is no reason why some timber products wouldn't last a lifetime or longer, However the key phrase there is "well maintained"!

There are many properties still out there with their original timber windows and doors, generally in either Timber Casement, Timber Sash or Timber Front Doors. Whilst these properties may retain the original features of the windows and doors, they will have poor thermal qualities, which will cost you more money on your energy bills! They will also lack the security features which customers have come to expect, which will give you the peace of mind that your property and its contents are secure.

Some properties will only be able to have Timber products installed in them, these generally consist of Listed Buildings, or if your home is in a Conservation Area. However not all Conservation Areas insist on this anymore due to the advances in the Timber Alternative UPVC products, so it is best to check with your local council before making any decision.

Over the years I have met many customers who are dead set against UPVC Windows and Doors, thinking that they are only available in White Gloss with a no frills approach. These days there are many systems out there which offer the traditional timber styles, but without the future maintenance cost associated with Timber products. Depending on what your budget it, there is generally a product range that will fit into your plans. If you're looking for Flush Casement Windows, Sash Windows or even a front door, here at Surrey Windows and Doors Ltd we can offer you the widest range possible to help you achieve the aesthetically pleasing appearance of Timber products, whilst giving you the peach of mind that the future maintenance costs and energy cost will be minimal and that the security of these products is the best possible available.

For Flush Sash Windows we are prolific installed of The Residence Collection. This collection includes their original R9 Window and Door System, this was the game changer product in the flush window industry which made all of the other manufacturers take note and attempt to replicate. This was subsequently followed by the the R7 range and also the R2. The R9 collection offers original features such as wood grain finishes, in a variety of Heritage colours and combinations to suit any style of property, along with mechanical joints internally and externally on the windows and doors. The front to back depth of the profile (100mm) replicates original timber products so if you are replacing the original timber, there will be minimal need for any making good. The visible sightlines of The Residence Collection also closely replicates original timber windows, so if you are looking to maintain the original aesthetics but with a secure and thermally efficient profile then look no further than the R9 Windows and door system.

The R7 profile was introduced a few years after R9 originally hit the market, and this was to break into the market where previous homeowners had already replaced their original windows some time ago with standard UPVC windows. A standard UPVC window depth is 70mm (front to back), so if a customer was wanting to install the R9 system, there would be alot more making good work including cutting back plasterboards and internal window boards to accommodate the 100mm profile. The R7 profile comes in at 75mm, which means it can easily replace a standard UPVC window. There is some more variety on the R7 system, as you can choose from mechanical joints or welded joints, and also this is available in a white gloss finish. The R7 system, is the perfect more cost effective Flush window system.

Rehau RIO Flush Sash Windows are one of the newest additions to the ever growing Flush UPVC market, and Surrey Windows and Doors are proud to continue their long term relationship with Rehau in offering this new system. Many of the same features which are included on the Residence Collection are available on the RIO, however one additional feature is the optional Deep Bottom Rail which can be added and also with their grey smooth finish the Rehau RIO can replicate a flush aluminium window system, saving you a small fortune!

Sash Windows are another product which has benefited from the advancements in technology within the timber alternative market. Without doubt the best UPVC Sash Windows on the market have always been supplied by Rehau. We can offer the rehau Sash Windows in two main collections, the Heritage Sash and the Ultimate Sash varieties. If you are looking to replace window with features such as mechanical joints and woodgrain effects then you are ideally suited to the Ultimate range, while the Heritage Range (is the same windows) but doesnt have all the added extras such as the mechanical joints. These Rehau systems offer a deep bottom rail, slimmest interlock of 35mm to replicate the original windows as much as possible. A variety of furniture options and colours are available to suit any style!

Whatever type of windows or doors you have, if you are trying to maintain the character of your property or restore it, Surrey Windows and Doors Ltd will have the perfect option for you tailored to your budget! get in touch with us today to receive your free no obligation quotation.

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