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ALUK Bi Folding Doors

ALUK are one of the industry leaders in Bi Folding and Sliding doors, which consistently offer outstanding design, reliability and performance. We have selected our two favourite tried and tested systems of Bi Fold door systems that ALUK have to offer. 

We can offer you two different versions with different design features and sightline. The ALUK BSF70 range and the ALUK Luminiar F82 range of Bi Fold doors are both aluminium profiles, that are low maintenance and perfect for new build extensions or to replace existing doors. 


                                     (ALUK BSF70 shown above)

The ALUK BSF70 Bi Fold door range offers sightlines of 140mm, which is slimmer than some of our other systems available such as Origin OB-72, but these work out to be a more economical option over the Origin set. 

The ALUK Luminar F82 range provides you with a slimmer sightlines of 122mm without compromising the performance or security of your doors. These slimline aluminium doors will be sure to enhance your view of the outdoors and help flood the room with natural light. 

                                                   (ALUK Liminiar F82 shown above)

Both sets of bi folds have the exclusive Flush Pop Out T Bar handle​ which gives the doors a sleek design feature that is also very practical. This is available in a variety of colours, we recommend matching this to the furniture colour used on the hinges and other handle. ALUk offer these doors with high security locking features as standard such as shootbolt locking mechanism, which can't always be found on Bi Folding Doors. Able to accept Double Glazing, Triple Glazing or even Double Glazed units with Integrated blinds, either manually or electronically operated. 



                                                         (Flush Pop Out T Bar Handle) 

Get in touch with us today to discuss a quote for our ALUK range of Bi Fold doors.

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