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Aluminium Windows & Doors

We offer a wide range of Aluminium Windows and doors from brand names such as ALUK and Smarts.

When replacing your aluminium windows there are many advantages such as: 

  • Slim Sightlines- Aluminum Windows typically have much slimmer sightlines when compared with Timber and UPVC Windows. Achieve typical sightlines of between 50-65mm with our systems on offer

  • Energy Efficiency- You don't have to sacrifice the energy rating on your windows or doors by choosing Aluminium, most of our systems will achieve an A rating to ensure your energy bills reduce

  • Variety- Aluminium Windows and Doors can come in a variety of styles to suit any type of property. Create traditional styles or a contemporary feel to your property, available in any RAL colour

  • Security- All of our Aluminium Windows and Doors come as standard with high security multipoint locks, so you can have the peach of mind your property and its contents are safe

  •  Low Maintenance- Most people these days are too busy to think about doing maintenance on their windows so all of our UPVC systems are easy to maintain! You'll never have to paint a window again, with the only maintenance needed to be glass cleaning.   ​


Speak to us about Alumnium Entrance Doors to give your property the ultre modern effect!

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